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About our Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

Unlike traditional pancakes, Japanese Soufflé Pancakes are more fluffy, airy, thicker, and usually smaller in size.  They require more "techniques" and "patience" to make; not only the batter is harder to make than traditional American pancakes, but also the cooking part could be very tricky.

They require so much precision in making and even one slight mistake could ruin the whole batch of pancakes.

There are many recipes you can find online and there are many methods of making soufflé pancakes. At Motto Tea Cafe, we follow strictly to the original Japanese recipes and ingredients - thanks to the founder of Motto who learned the most authentic soufflé pancake recipe in Japan!

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Soufflé Pancakes Availability:

Pasadena Store: Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm - 6:30pm

Ordering: For takeout, you may order in-store, via our online ordering system or by phone 626-365-1049

San Gabriel Store: Tuesday to Saturday: 12pm - 10:00pm and Sunday: 12pm to 7pm

Ordering: For takeout, you may order in-store, via our online ordering system

or by phone 626-656-6500

* All pancakes are made fresh, please allow at leaset 20-30 min for us to make; on busy days, wait time could be longer

Chestnut Mont Blanc Souffle Pancake

Q&A for our Souffle Pancakes

Q: Why is the wait?


1. MADE FROM SCRATCH - The fluffy, airy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes are all about the eggs because the air bubbles hold their shape inside the pancake batter.  The batter has to be made fresh from scratch but cannot be pre-made; we cannot start the making process until an order is placed.  It takes time to freshly make the batter in order to archive that ideal texture of Soufflé Pancakes.

2. COOK SLOW, LOW HEAT - Unlike traditional pancakes, these thick & fluffy Soufflé Pancakes need to be cooked for a much longer time, steady slow cooking over low heat is necessary.

Q: Do they taste eggy?

A: Since soufflé pancakes are mainly made by eggs, so they might taste eggy to some people.

Q: Are they undercooked?

A: Our soufflé pancakes are fully cooked, but the large portion of egg white and fluffiness may give customers an impression they are undercooked.

Q: Are soufflé pancakes gluten-free?

A: Our soufflé pancakes are made with low-gluten flour, but they are not completely gluten-free.

Q: For takeouts, can I reheat the soufflé pancakes?

A: To reheat using microwave, we recommend 30 seconds on mid-heat. You may also reheat using oven on low heat, but the outside of the pancakes will be slightly crusted.  Refrigerating soufflé pancakes overnight will greatly reduce the fluffiness so we recommend customers to consume the pancakes on the same day.

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