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Fruit Melody Tea

About Motto Tea Cafe

Motto Tea Cafe is a new tea house in the quaint Old Town Pasadena at the corner of Green Street and DeLacey Avenue. 


We believe only better ingredients can make better drinks, and we have a high standard of sourcing our ingredients.

Motto is offering a variety of tea (hot and iced) and fruit drinks ranging from Kyoto Uji Matcha, Japanese Genmai Tea to real fresh fruit tea & yogurt. Motto also serves sweet and savory pancakes all-day using the most premium ingredients imported from Japan. 


Motto’s distinction is that it refuses to use tea powder, corn syrup, creamer in their products. Rather, it uses loose tea leaves, pure cane sugar and organic milk. Pasadena residents can now indulge in tea latte and dessert drinks without feeling too guilty.

Yogurt Drinks
Black Tea with Cheese Mousse

About Our Tea


Uji Matcha Green Tea

Uji is a city in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The city is considered as Japan’s most treasured and ideal land for tea planting. With generations of accumulated skills and experience, Uji farmers select green tea leaves without oxidation and fermentation sprouts and put them under the steaming green and dry-out process.


With appropriate temperature and humidity, the green tea leaves are grinded by a mortar slowly to maintain the antioxidant catechin, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; and the grinded green tea powder is matcha.  It is known as an all-natural superfood, and the trend of consuming matcha instead of coffee is rising.


Uji Matcha is known for its rich, decent and complex vegetal flavor with a silky-smooth texture.  At Motto, we use the finest Uji Matcha to make our drinks; and the true taste of matcha is always pre-served.


Motto No.5 Black Tea

The quality of a tea shop can easily be determined by the quality of its black tea. Hence at Motto, we strive to serve the most exquisite black tea to our customers.


Our Motto No.5 Black Tea was carefully selected from 50+ variety of high quality black teas that we sourced around Asia.  We really hope that our customers will enjoy this special black tea as much as we love making it.


Motto No.5 Black Tea is very smooth with a  hint of delightful honey taste. No.5 is bold, sharp, and aromatic. It is highly versatile and perfect to enjoy it without milk as well as pairing with our signature mousse. It is also an excellent tea base for our fruit teas.


Japanese Genmai (Brown Rice) Tea

Genmai Tea was invented in Kyoto in the 1920’s, and became popular in Osaka.  Ever since then, it can be enjoyed everywhere in Japan, and now it is available in Motto Tea Cafe!


Motto’s Premium Genmai Tea combines the fine quality Japanese Sencha and roasted brown rice for a perfect blend of mellow yet bitter-sweet taste.  The Sencha in Genmai Tea is full of antioxidants, and other health benefits.


Due to the reduced caffeine content, Genmai Tea is perfect for night time but not limited.


Japanese Gyokuro Dew Green Tea

Gyokuro is considered the most elegant and sophisticated Japanese Green tea. The name translates to “Dew of Jade”, describing its color, a jade-green hue it takes on after preparation.


The fine, needle-shaped leaves are carefully grown in the shade for about three weeks prior to harvesting in order to protect them from sunlight. This practice causes the caffeine levels to be slightly higher than non-shaded teas, and boosts the levels of a healthy anti-oxidant called theanine.


Gyokuro is known for its “umami” in taste and aroma and its finish is sweet and rich.


Yunnan Pu-Erh Tea (Chinese Aged Tea)

Pu-Erh is China’s post-fermentedn(aged) tea and is another of China's great treasures. Like the great wine regions of the world, Pu-Erh Tea production is highly regulated to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Only aged tea that comes from Yunnan province in China can be called Pu-Erh tea.


Once the leaves have been picked, they go through processing to encourage bacterial growth and microbial fermentation. The beneficial bacterial and fungal communities present in the finished product add to the depth of flavor and the positive aspects for health.


Pu-Erh has a deep woody character and a dark, enchanting body.


Four Seasons High Mountain Oolong Tea

Four Seasons High Mountain Oolong tea leaves are grown in the mountains of Taiwan. Typically, higher elevation teas are plucked twice per year; once in Spring and once in the late Fall (“Winter Harvest”).


However, this tea is plucked up to four times per year and thus it is also named as “Four Seasons Spring” in Mandarin. The leaves of this tea were handpicked. Farmers use traditional rolling techniques by wrapping the leaves in cloth and binding it tightly into ball shape.


Four seasons high mountain oolong has a floral fragrance that blossoms slowly on the palate,

tastes fresh and smooth on the tongue, and leaves a sweet flowery flavor in the mouth.

Fruit Tea
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